A rustic custom version of Post General’s LED lantern that incorporates iron material is here!

11 months ago

When you think about “POST GENERAL”, their LED lanterns reminiscent of retro light bulbs are one of the first items that comes to mind. This fall, they will release a steel shade that allows you to ruggedly customize their lantern series. In addition, there will also be multiple other small pieces of gear that also use iron to create a new texture.

An iron shade created by a craftsman using metal spinning.


The shades are made individually one at a time by a craftsman using metal spinning techniques, making the most of the texture of iron. They have succeeded in creating a rugged custom part with a very strong visual impact. The shade can be attached to Post General’s LED lantern “Hang Lamp Type 1 / Type 2” and “Hang Lamp Rechargeable Unit Type 1 / Type 2”.

This is the shade when attached to the Hang Lamp Type 2. The Hang Lamp Type 2 comes standard with a shade of the same color as the main body, but you can remove it and attach the new custom iron shade instead. For the Hang Lamp Type 1, you van just attached it right away.

This is the shade attached to the Hang Lamp Rechargeable Unit Type 2. The main body is black, so it goes well with the rugged texture of the iron shade. It feels as if with this new shade the lantern is made complete!


An iron hanger for hanging towels and paper.


There is also a simple hanger available that has a high degree of freedom, depending on how you use it. This product also makes use of the solid iron texture. You can hang towels on the wooden parts, or use S-shaped hooks to hang cookware and cutlery from it.

Since the wooden parts can be removed, it is also possible to use it for hanging toilet paper so you can freely use it outdoors or indoors.

These two items are scheduled to arrive at the end of September, so we recommend checking the brand’s official online store around that right time. In addition, other new and exciting products such as trays and wall hooks will be released along with these new iron items from Post General so please check the images for more information!