Improve the comfort by adjusting the angle and height! Introducing the Orange rover chair with an impactful design.

11 months ago

The new Rover Chair will be released by the original brand “MIKAN” developed by the outdoor select shop “Orange”. Originally used by the British military, this folding chair is lightweight yet tough, easy to use, and is very popular due to its high impact design.

Instead of faithfully reproducing a replica of the original, they will release an updated model that strives for extra comfort by allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest and the height of the seat.

(Left) High type ¥ 14300 (Right) Low type ¥ 13800

The texture of the wax canvas fabric and the color of the armrests and frames create an exquisite appearance. It is available in two colors: brown (frame: chocolate) and khaki (frame: black). Both have a maximumload capacity of 80kg.

・High type: W600mm×D610mm×H770mm Seat height 400mm

・Low type: W605mm x D610mm x H700mm Seat height 280mm

The lightweight aluminum frame is powder-coated to create a matte finish. An original MIKAN brass plate is engraved in the center of the frame under the backrest.

The armrests are made of natural beech wood with a lacquer coating that feels good to the touch.

The paraffin-waxed canvas fabric has excellent water repellency and ages well over time so you can enjoy the gradual change in color and appearance unique to this type of material.

There is Velcro straps so that it can be easily carried around while folded.

There are two types available, the “low type”, which is perfect for the camping scene, and the “high type”, which is easy to use even at home, so you can choose the one that best suits your camping style. Be sure to check out this re-imagining of a classic chair that has been updated to improve its weak points and has unmistakable quality and looks.