New gear from Oregonian Campers is here! Featuring lots of helpful shades and sheets for cars or campsites!

11 months ago

American style camping gear brand “Oregonian Camper” are experts at providing handy items that make you want them as soon as you see them. Their new line up of products we will take a look at here are perfect for a wide range of people who enjoy the outdoors, featuring items such as side tarps, shades, and even seats that can be customized to match your own car.

A shade made of mesh material that can be used as a side tarp or cover for your eyes.

¥5280 Color: Camo, BlackCamo, WolfBrown Material: Polyester Size: 140×160 cm

This shade is a highly versatile and convenient item that has good airflow and can function as a car side tarp when combined with poles. *Poles and rope are not included.


A tough sheet for your luggage space.

¥8800 Color: RealTree, BlackCamo, WolfBrown Material: Polyester Size: 140×160 cm

This sheet is used by attaching it to the headrest of the second seat in your car. By adopting a pad (with filling), it has excellent cushioning so it can help to protect your precious car and gear from scratches and impacts when carrying camping gear. A PVC coating is applied to the bottom, and it is also ok to use with wet items.


A blanket with a design inspired by Mt. Hood, Oregon’s famous peak.

Padding cargo sheet ¥5940

This blanket is inspired by the contoured lines of the mountains, which have become a familiar sight to fans of Oregonian Camper. By using tactical fiber that is lightweight and has excellent heat retention, it is easy to carry and use all year round. The bright and pop inspired colors are always a great way to add a new accent to your campsite.


Outdoor cushion perfect for solo camping.

Camping cushion ¥3740

Lastly, we would like to take a look at their new, comfortable large size cushion for the outdoors . It uses VFF (vertical fiber foam) with excellent durability for the filling, and a polyester fabric with strong water repellency for the outer which also has a PVC coating on the bottom so it doesn’t get wet or dirty easily, making it great for a wide variety of environments.

Oregonian Camper are well known for producing new items that help scratch that elusive itch you’ve been waiting for. The items we introduced here are all certain to be big hits at campsites far and wide so we highly recommend you check them out for yourself!