New items are here from Tokyo Craft! Including a novel fishing rod-style lantern stand that can be set up with a peg!

11 months ago

Speaking of the up-and-coming outdoor brand “TOKYOCRAFTS,” their bonfire stand called the MAKULITE which we reported on earlier in this article, continues to make waves in the outdoor community. Since then they have been releasing new products one after another, and this time they have 4 new items available. Out of these 4 items we want to pay particular attention to their innovative new lantern stand.

A lantern stand that uses pegs.

Sunset Hanger ¥7980

This is a unique style lantern stand reminiscent of a fishing rod. It ca be set up by fixing the base bracket with pegs and connecting the poles. In addition to hanging a lantern on the top, it is also possible to hook on small items to the attached daisy chain.

Pile driver type lanterns stands can sometimes not be used depending on the surface, especially if it is too tough to penetrate normally. However, with this stand you can use tough forged pegs, so there is no problem even at riverside campsites and other locations with tough ground. The slanting pole gives off an intriguing atmosphere as well as being beautifully designed so it can become a corner stone of your campsite!


A cutting board with legs.

Jikamanita ¥7980

The next new item is a cutting board that can be used by placing it “directly” on the ground thanks to the X-shaped legs it has attached. The wood used is acacia which has beautiful shades of color so it can also be used as a mini table. When stored, the board surface can be folded in two, and the leg parts can be stored inside (see the image at the end of the article).

It has more than enough size for use as a solo cutting board. It is also OK to simply use it as a cutting board on top of a main table by removing the leg parts.

In addition, a bonfire with a metal reflector and a chic solo mini table will be released at the same time. You can check them out in the images below.

These new products were sold out not long after they were released. So we can only wait for the next time they are released!