A collection of different bags gear storage bags are here from Post General! An updated version of their popular large-capacity tote is also available.

11 months ago

A range of new storage bags from POST GENERAL, a popular goods brand that features vintage and military-inspired designs, are here. Also introducing an updated version of the popular tote-type storage bag, a multi-use gear bag that can be used for storing and organizing camp items outdoors, and also as a lunch bag for daily use.

The popular large-capacity tote type gear bag has evolved!


Post General’s popular large-capacity tote-type storage bag called the “Utility Storage” has evolved and is now great to use as an interior item at home and also to load it in the car and take it with you when camping. Th fabric has changed from brushed cotton-like polyester to a tough and water-repellent nylon fabric. In addition, this new revised “UTILITY TOTE BAG”  can be compactly folded, making it even more convenient.

The size measurements are W525 x D260 x H280, which is big enough to store sleeping bags, mats, camping chairs, etc. Two colors are available: black and olive brown, both of which are suitable for use indoors and at campsites.

A basket sorting bag that can be used on its own.


In addition, there is also a new gear storage bag that can be used like a bag-in-bag, that fits perfectly with the “Heavy Duty Basket” series, a durable basket that can withstand harsh outdoor environments.

The “FIELD BAG for HD BASKET REGULAR” is a gear storage bag designed so that 2 can fit perfectly into the regular size heavy duty baskets.

The size is W320 x D170 x H245, so it is large enough to store CB cans and OD cans in an upright position, making it suitable for storing camping gear. Packing your camp gear into a heavy-duty basket is great for the outdoors, but you can store your items even more efficiently by dividing the space into two with this storage bag.

Since it contains foam material, it can also be used for storing fragile items or items that you do not want to get damaged. When you want to quickly take out your luggage, you can open and close only the top of the lid while it is still set inside the basket. In addition, it has a 2-way structure that allows the entire lid to be opened and closed when storing large items.


The new lineup also includes the “FIELD BAG for HD BASKET LONG,” which is designed so that you can fit two into a long size heavy duty basket. The size is W220 x D190 x H190, which is enough to lay a CB can on its side and store it.

Both are available in 2 patterns, wolf camo and black camo, that feaures a camouflage pattern on the top part only. This is a multi-purpose bag that can be used as a gear storage bag with a heavy duty basket for outdoor activities, or as a lunch or picnic bag on its own.