The “Lion” cup toothpaste set, which is perfect for the camping scene is here.

4 months ago

The real pleasure of camping is that you can enjoy delicious things such as camp food and alcohol. Even in the outdoor scene, oral care is essential after meals and before going to bed, just like at home. “LION” has been developing a portable toothpaste set for travel for a long time, but Migacot has helped to update their standard product.

The biggest feature is the cup-integrated self-supporting case that combines usability and stylish design, and is also equipped with ventilation holes for improved hygiene.

The simple and stylish plastic case opens wide, making it easy to put in and take out toothbrushes and toothpaste. CLINICA ADVANTAGE 4-row ultra-compact (normal) and CLINICA ADVANTAGE Cool Mint 30g (“quasi-medical” brand name: CLINICA Qa) are included in the set.

Reference price ¥493 each (open price)

*Please refrain from using this product with children under the age of 6.

The case stands on its own and does not take up space even in narrow spaces. It is available in 3 colors including green, black and pink.

The all-in-one case allows you to use the cap of the case as a cup, making it convenient for any occasion. In addition, since it has corners, it does not roll easily and is easy to rinse after use.

There are ventilation holes on the side of the case for improved airflow and hygiene. Therefore, it is possible to hygienically store cups and toothbrushes after use.

This is sure to become an essential part of your camp gear collection so we recommend that you always store it in a gear bag or gear box so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it! Why don’t you try out this innovative new hygiene product that will become a staple of camp sites soon?