Tsunokawa Farm’s new spice box is packed with uniqueness that goes far beyond your imagination.

4 months ago

“Tsunokawa Farm”, which is known for its unique manufacturing, also operates the outdoor brand “detour life”, as well as developing a brand called “CURRY MASON” that specializes in curry products. To that end, now they are launching a truly unique spice box.


CURRY MASON, which deals with retort pouch curry and spices, has created a limited edition, nostalgic looking first-aid kit for use as a spice box. The first-aid kit-likeness was intentionally left untouched, resulting in a unique product with a striking visual impact.

As you can see, a standard sized spice fits just right while standing upright. The lid can hold a thermometer or tweezers, but it’s also perfect for storing a measuring spoon. Of course, you can use it at home, but if you take it out of a container with tableware and cutlery outdoors, it will definitely become a talking piece and garner a lot of attention.

Pre-orders are now being accepted at the brand’s official online store, including free shipping if purchased in advance. By all means, we want you to enjoy curry even more with this limited edition, unique spice case.

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