The Aladdin & BEAMS collaboration stove is now available in a dark green color that is perfect for the outdoors!

1 year ago

The collaboration model from “Sengoku Aladdin” and “BEAMS” has been growing in popularity every year. In 2022, to mark the 6th year of the collaboration, a new color “dark green” designed with the image of a “winter forest” will appear for the Blue Flame and Portable Gas Stove. In addition, the far-infrared graphite heater will appear uses the popular limited color “indigo” from the first collaboration. Both are likely to be popular for their use of coloring that fits both interior decor and natural color tents.

The Blue Flame in the new “dark green” color. Popular colors of the past are also re-released!

Aladdin Blue Flame BEAMS JAPAN model ¥66000

The kerosene stove “Blue Frame” has become a staple model of the Aladdin brand with its exquisite form and performance without a basic model change, even though it has been improved little by little for over 90 years. For this collaboration, it appears in the bespoke color “dark green” that goes well with the beautiful blue flame created by evenly vaporized kerosene.

In addition, along with the release of the new colors, the first ever collaboration color “Indigo” from 2017, which is popular every year, and “Sumi Black”, which is based on the image of Japanese calligraphy and painting first released in 2021, will be resold in limited quantities. All three colors are limited to 200 units with serial numbers printed.


The portable gas stove is also available in a new dark green color.

Sengoku Aladdin Portable Gas Stove BEAMS JAPAN model ¥38500

The “Portable Gas Stove”, which features a petite form with a blue flame as a motif and a size that is easy to carry, is also available in the new “dark green” color. In addition, the first collaboration color “indigo” from 2017 will be re-released in limited quantities. It will be limited to 200 of each color.


The far-infrared graphite heater “Torikago” in the popular color “indigo”.

Far- infrared graphite heater Torikago BEAMS JAPAN model ¥14300

The popular color “indigo blue” has finally appeared for the “Far-Infrared Graphite Heater Torikago”, which has a somewhat nostalgic design reminiscent of the form of a bird cage. This is an item that will warm your body to the core thanks to the effect of the “infrared graphite” that instantly heats up in 0.2 seconds like magic.


Make sure to check early!

Pre-orders for all the collaboration items will be accepted from September 7, 2022 on the BEAMS official online shop. Also, from October 10th, Portable Gas Stoves, and from November 10th, Blue Flames and far-infrared graphite heaters will be available at BEAMS JAPAN stores. It’s a collaboration that gets popular every year, so it’s recommended to check it out early.