The new blanket line derived from Mountain Research is perfect for autumn and winter camping!

10 months ago

From the blanket specialty line “HORSE BLANKET RESEARCH” derived from “MOUNTAIN RESEARCH”, a full-size wool blanket that is sure to be useful for winter camping is now available. The vintage-inspired two-color blanket becomes softer and ages well the more you use it, making it a one-of-a-kind item that can last you a lifetime.

Horse Blanket ¥38500

Horse Blanket Research’s “Horse Blanket” is a high-quality 100% wool blanket made in Japan. It uses a classic horse blanket pattern and is available in two patterns: navy x burgundy and ivory x sax. From this season, the design has been changed to fold down on all sides and overlock stitches, resulting in a more delicate outline.

With a size of 136 x 168 cm when fully spread out, it is a multi-purpose item that can be used not only as a blanket by the bonfire, but also as a picnic sheet or a rug inside a tent.

In addition, a same full-size ivory single-color blanket is also available. This one comes with a belt so that it can be firmly fixed and worn.

Speaking of Horse Blanket Research, the cotton pile blanket made by Imabari Towel, which is for use in saunas, which was introduced in the previous GO OUT, is also popular. We recommend you keep an eye on the high-quality blankets that Horse Blanket Research will continue to offer.