All-in-one pack for lure fishing beginners! Abu Garcia’s entry level kit is on sale now!

4 months ago

Whether it’s enjoying leisurely fishing in nature, or freely aiming for bass from the land, outdoor fishing is experiencing a massive boom in popularity.

Contrary to its popularity, there are also many people that think “It seems too difficult for beginners” and “I don’t know what kind of gear to buy.” To solve this problem, “AbuGarcia”, which is known as a long-established prestigious fishing brand, has create this entry level kit that is perfect for beginners.

It is a special pre-order item only available at GO OUT and comes with a set of special stickers


A rod, reel, lure, case, line and bag are all included in the set. This is not only suitable for lure fishing such as trout and bass, but also for light game fishing at sea. It is designed as an all-in-one starter kit that can be used across all fishing environments.

The 5-foot (152cm) long rod has a 5-piece structure that can be stored compactly. The case features compartments that allows each part to be stored separately.

The reel features Abu Garcia’s logo design as a key point.

A lure set ideal for organized fishing spots and mountain streams, and an easy-to-use case with four partition plates.

A nylon line that creates a sensation of directness so you can feel even delicate bites.

The soft type storage box has a daisy chain on the side. Small pieces of gear etc. can be hooked on with carabiners.

For a limited time only you can get your hands on this logo sticker with bold black and white colors. This is a separate type sticker that allows you to apply it as you like.

The olive coloring is rugged and will appeal to fans of the outdoors. This-all-in-one fishing kit suitable for beginners is on sale at GO OUT Online. Why don’t you take it with you to your nearest river or angling spot and have a go at the fine sport of fishing for yourself?