Post-General’s new coffee dripper stand made with a touch of iron and wood.

10 months ago

As previously mentioned in other articles here at Go Out, “POST GENERAL” has been focusing on the texture of iron recently, and new items will appear as part of this same line this fall season. Among them, I would like to focus on 3 items that are highly versatile and definitely worth checking out!

A coffee dripper stand that makes use of iron and natural wood.

Industrial Coffee Dripper Stand ¥4180

A coffee dripper stand that combines rustic iron and mango wood. By making the best use of the texture of each material, it has an unadorned and industrial appearance. It will make a great addition to your interior as well as being useful outdoors!

It is 30 cm wide, and it is possible to use two cups and drippers side by side. The stand spacing is designed to be a just fit for most commonly used coffee drippers.

Since you can see the brewing process, it is easy to adjust the temperature and level of steam and it is also easy to check the amount of hot water. Of course, the industrial style design also really elevates the “feeling of brewing coffee”.


A rustic tray that can be used to easily store small items.

Industrial Tray (Oval) ¥1320

Industrial Tray (Recto) ¥1540

This is a convenient tray for storing small items, and two different shapes are available. Needless to say, it is convenient for storing small items such as car keys, and the rugged texture of iron makes it easy to use every day as part of your living room or at the entrance to your home.

It can be conveniently used in a study or office, but it can also be used outdoors on a camping table for storing cutlery and seasonings. It’s a versatile item, so there is many different ways it can be used effectively.

You can purchase these items at the brand’s official online store. The two trays have already been made available, but the dripper stand will be on sale at a later date.