Camp Ooparts hexagonal bonfire stand is made more convenient thanks to improved compatibility with peripheral gear!

10 months ago

“CAMPOOPARTS” continues to make great strides with its unique table and chimney-less tent fireplace. One of their staple items is the Pentagon bonfire series, which features an intricate pattern that becomes visible on the side plate when the bonfire is lit. Now, Camp Ooparts’ flagship bonfire stand has evolved even further.

CAMP OOPARTS “66 Bonfire Stand NATIVE” ¥39800

Camp Ooparts’ new bonfire stand, the “66 Bonfire NATIVE” has been redesigned from the pentagonal shape of the previous Pentagon series to a new hexagonal shape. The hexagonal shape improves compatibility with other gear such as bonfire tables.

The native style pattern emerges from the flames of the bonfire, just like with the Pentagon series. All six sides include this pattern processing, so everyone around the bonfire can enjoy this artistic pattern.

An iron trivet with excellent design and load-bearing capacity is also included. Since it is a hexagonal bonfire stand, there is a high degree of freedom in where you can place the trivet, so it is also convenient to cook over the bonfire.

With a diameter of about 450 cm and a grate height of 25 cm, it is easy to use, and can be disassembled to a thin and compact state for storage.

This is a bonfire stand with a delicate pattern to add a special atmosphere to time spent relacing around the campfire.



Size: Diameter about 450 x Overall height 390mm

Weight: about 7.9kg

Material: 3.2mm iron plate, stainless steel

Set contents: Guide with logo, iron trivet, assembly iron plate pedestal, guide case

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