Maximizing the fun of a bonfire! Here are 10 pieces of bonfire gear you need to check out!

4 years ago

The are many different ways to enjoy a bonfire, such as warming up at the end of a cold day, cooking, or just staring into the flames. First of all, you need to choose a bonfire but if you want to make the most of it you need to choose the correct gear too. 

Therefore we have decided to focus on bonfire gear pick-ups for the fashionable camper. In addition to having high functionality we will be taking a look at 10 different items that are also notable for being heavy duty and appealing to rugged styles.


Iron rack that can make a systematic bonfire base.

IRON CRAFT「ITADAKIcompact」 ¥30800

The compact Iron Craft rack “Itadaki” is a popular staple item among bonfire lovers. This revolutionary rack includes all the parts you can see including a fire grate, triangle hook, chain and a S shaped hook. It can be used over bonfires to create a base and also for open fire cooking.



Stored Size:90×44×6cm

Weight:Approx. 10kg



Side table with convenient storage that kills two birds with one stone.

Hang Out「Fire side Table」¥8360、「Log Carry」¥4290

This fireside table from Hang Out is very convenient in that can also double as a log carrier. Not only can you place a hot plate on the top with gloves or tongs but you can also set the carry bag directly on the stand under the hot plate so that you can quickly attach the bag and prevent moisture and enjoy a highly efficient bonfire.


・Fire side Table


・Log Carry

Size:W1000 x D430 x H20mm

Hang Out


A full-fledged tripod from Chums made from tugged iron. 

CHUMS「Tripot」 ¥8690、「Dutch Oven 10inch」 ¥8690

This is a heavy duty iron tripod and Dutch oven that overturns the common image of Chums. The tripod is easy to set up and stands on 3 legs via a single bracket. The hanging basket has holes that can be adjusted in seven stages making it compatible with all types of bonfires. The lid of the Dutch oven is engraved with Chums iconic Booby bird that gives it a unique charm.





Weight:2.4kg (本体)

・Dutch Oven 10inch

Size:Height 13.5cm、Outer circumference 25.4cm、Inner circumference 24.4cm






A universal anchor that can hang gear as well as a BBQ. 

Petoromax「FIRE ANCHOR」 ¥16200

This is the Petromax steel anchor that can be used for multiple purposes with campfires and bonfires. The simple design easily allows percolators or Dutch ovens to be hung from the arm with adjustable height. You can also easily enjoy grilling meat and vegetables as a BBQ with the attached grill.



Size:Total length 103.5cm、Arm length 68cm、Grill 40×40×2cm


Arm load capacity:5~10kg



Uniflame’s masterpiece table that resists heat, scratches and dirt.




We cannot talk about bonfire equipment without mentioning Uniflame’s classic bonfire table. As a side table, it is resistant to hear and dirt with a stainless steel top plate. What sets this apart from similar items available with a mirror finish is due to the uneven embossing scratches are not at all visible.


Size:When used Approx. W55×D35×H37cm、When stored Approx. 55×35×2.5 (thicknes) cm

Weight:Approx. 2.3kg

Load Capacity:Approx. 50kg



A groundbreaking bonfire table created by this garage brand.

SANZOKUMOUNTAIN「derutas」 ¥39800

The “Delta” is a bonfire table 3 piece set from Sanzoku Mountain, a popular garage brand. The rugged design, including the texture of the black skin iron, triangular form and the mesh shaped top plate is immediately attractive. In addition to being used as a side table, it can also be used to boil hot water over a direct fire or cook in a pan, as well as being usable as a BBQ grill as it is not painted.



Large W45,1×D32.9×H36cm

Medium W37×D27×H27cm

Small W28.9×D21.1×H18cm



A collection for adults who enjoy drinking alcohol next to a bonfire.

hobo × TRUCK FURNITURE「Waterproof Leather Folding Chair」 ¥64900、
「Wood Folding Low Table」 ¥41800、「2 Shot Glasses with Paraffin Cotton Canvas Pouch」 ¥13200

The “Takibi Bar Season 2” is a collaborative effort from Hobo known for their solid materials and Truck Furniture that specialize in craftsmen furniture. The lineup includes gear for adults that helps to create a bar scene at the bonfire, such as a chair made of waterproof suede, a table made of high quality oak and a canvas pouch with two shot glasses.


・Waterproof Leather Folding Chair


・Wood Folding Low Table


・2 Shot Glasses with Paraffin Cotton Canvas Pouch





Bushcraft’s debut is an authentic fire set.

Bush Craft Inc.「Bush craft starting set」 ¥4378

This kit can be used by both beginners and veterans with this set of tools from Bushcraft. It includes a knife for cutting fire wood, an Akamatsu wood packing that serves as the crater and an original igniter. Even beginners can use this gear with peace of mind by watching the dedicated instructional video.

Bush Craft Inc.


Filson’s finest log carrier finished with traditional materials and methods.


This high quality log carrier from Filson is made from highly durable rugged twill while the handle features bridle leather reinforced with rivets. The body is very tough and can withstand weights up to 600kg making it ideal for carrying not just firewood but also large plastic bottles and any other campsite essentials.



Iron stand that can be used with most bonfires.

belmont  ¥11000

This iron stand is from Belmont, an outdoor brand based out of Sanjo City in Nagano prefecture. The legs can be arranged in two steps, and can be used with most bonfires available on the market today. Since it can bear loads of up to 30kg, you can make soup etc. out of a 12inch Dutch oven.


Size:Approx. W86×D26×39cm/W92×D26×H45cm

Stored size:Approx. W59×26×7cm

Weight : Approx 3.0kg

Load capacity:30kg



Improve your bonfire experience by upgrading your gear selection.

Here we have introduced 10 different bonfire gears that offer rugged design and exceptional functionality that can improve your bonfire experience. The price for high quality might not be the cheapest but there is no doubt that the fun you have with your bonfire will double!

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi、Kenichi Sasaki、

Akiko Fukada、Seiji Sawada