The convenient SOTO slide gas torch now comes in limited colors bespoke to Sports Authority!

10 months ago

Shinfuji Burner’s outdoor brand “SOTO”, develops various different models of stove. They support campers with various items such as the ST-310/340 that can use CB cans, Hinoto candle-style gas lanterns, air stars with bonfires, field hoppers with compact folding tables, and various cookers and gas lanterns.

Among their many items, the most popular is the affordable slide gas torch. Now, new colors exclusive to Sports Authority a large sports & outdoor shop with over 160 stores nationwide, are available!

SPORTSAUTHORITY x SOTO/Slide Gas Torch ¥2728

A total of 3 new colors are available: yellow with the same color as the ignition button, khaki which has a military feel, and the classic black. These colors are slightly different from the regular versions to create special feel. This range of limited colors can be purchased at Sports Authority stores as well as their online EC site.

Let’s take a look at some of the convenient functions of SOTO’s slide gas torch. When enjoying cooking, bonfires, smoking, etc., cheap 100-yen lighters are often blown out by the wind, or the fire is too small. As the name suggests, this slide gas torch features an extendable burner that stretches out up to 75 mm, so you can light fires from a distance. It is also a turbo powered lighter so it won’t be blown out by strong winds.

The size is very compact at only 3.8 cm wide x 1.8 cm deep x 11 cm high (when extended), so it won’t get in the way even if you put it in a corner of your gear container or bag.

In addition to a safety device that prevents malfunctions, the burner nozzle has a cap that prevents dust from entering, reducing problems such as poor ignition. It’s a highly reliable gas torch with a professional level of quality. It is also very economical because it can be refilled so you don’t need to buy a new one each time it runs out

*The photo on the right is not of the limited bespoke color.

The slide gas torch is useful not only for camping but also for lighting fireworks and incense sticks so it is sure to come in handy to have even around the house.