Balmuda’s popular speaker that shines like a lantern is now available in a new white color!

2 months ago

“BALMUDA” develops many home appliances that combine stylish design and practicality, and in particular their rechargeable wireless speaker called “The Speaker” is popular not only for indoors use but also outdoors. Three LED units shine in sync with the 360°three-dimensional, high-quality sound, so you can enjoy the realism of a live stage at a festival at your campsite.

BALMUDA The Speaker ¥38500

A new calm looking white color has been added to the lineup of the multi-use speakers that support not only Bluetooth® but also AUX input. A sophisticated white color is used for the whole unit, which is different from the chic black version that has been released so far, and by changing the logo from silver to brown, it stands out nicely against the white background.

The clean looking design is perfect for living rooms and camp sites, as well as kitchens and bedrooms. The clear sound quality of the 77mm speakers installed to spread high-quality sound in all directions is tuned to optimally enjoy the radio while remotely working. This portable speaker is sure to be very useful both at home and outdoors, and this new color is a limited release only available at BALMUDA’s online store, flagship stores and brand shops.