Nanga’s down sleeping bag available exclusively at NiceTime features high-performance specs that are suitable even in harsh winter weather.

5 months ago

Shibuya-based outdoor select shop “Nicetime” has made a special order for down sleeping bags from the domestic premium down brand “NANGA”. A high-performance down sleeping bag that can be used even in the coldest of winters has been re-imagined with a gray color that is perfect for NiceTime

UDD BAG 1000 L.GRY Nicetime Exclusive ¥79200

The “UDD BAG 1000 L.GRY Nicetime Exclusive” is a special order based on Nanga’s full-fledged down sleeping bag the “UDD BAG 1000”, a model made for the harsh winter, using high-performance down (770FP) with super water-repellent finish on the feathers.

In order to solve the problem of water being a weakness of feathers, the feathers themselves are treated with a super water-repellent finish which prevents water intrusion. It maintains its lightness and warmth even when wet from rain, snow, or condensation. The recommended optimal temperature for usage is -9°C, but it can be used down to temperatures of -16°C.

NiceTime’s signature style is also evident in the fabric. For the coloring, they are particular about gray that blends seamlessly into tent sites, so the fabric is dyed. In addition, they are keen to highlight how the fabric used lets you see the down inside the sleeping bag.

You can adjust the level of heat retention by moving the down inside the bag. When it’s cold, the down on the back can be brought to the front to increase heat retention, and when it’s hot, the down on the front is brought to the back to adjust the optimal temperature. When you tap the sleeping bag with your hand, you can see the down moving through the tube.

It will be released in mid-October, and reservations are currently being accepted at NiceTime’s web shop. With the UDD BAG 1000, which has been re-imagined in this special gray color that blends seamlessly into your tent site, you will be able to spend a comfortable time camping even in the extremely cold winter.



Size: Regular (up to about 178cm tall)…Maximum length 210 x Maximum shoulder width 80cm / Short (Up to about 165cm height)…Maximum length 203 x Maximum shoulder width 80cm

Weight: about 1450g

Material: 15dn nylon with water repellent finish

Internal structure: Trapezoidal box quilt structure

Fill power: 90-10% Spanish duck down (770FP), super water repellent

Down amount: 1000g

Optimal temperature: -9℃

Lower limit temperature: -16℃