Olfa’s full-tang knife is now available in a limited edition color exclusive to outdoor shop Orange!!

9 months ago

Orange is an outdoor select shop from Wakayama, where collaboration items with a wide variety of brands and manufacturers continue to be smash hits. The next tag-team partner is “Olfa Works”, who are a Japanese domestically produced brand. Their popular staple full-tang knife called the “Sanga”, which is popular among campers as an outdoor knife, is available in a new limited edition exclusive to Orange!


For this special limited order, the grip color has been changed to dark brown, and the blade has been changed to a low-temperature black chrome plating with a matte black surface treatment, giving it a more heavy-duty impression.

The sheath is made of 3mm thick polypropylene that won’t break even when dropped, and the integrated back clip allows you to hook it to your belt or bag.

An aluminum die-cast emblem engraved with the “OLFA WORKS” logo is placed in the center of the grip’s side. This special edition with 3 different types of coats gives an added sense of luxury.

The knifes edge has a clam type shape, which not only cuts well, but also has a long-lasting sharpness and durability to prevent chipping.

Since the back of the knife also has a sharp edge, sparks can be generated by rubbing against a fire lighter, etc.,

It uses a stainless steel blade that is resistant to rust even when exposed to rain or night dew, and is 3.2mm thick. It has a full-tang structure from the tip of the blade to the handle, making it ideal for batoning. It is highly versatile and will be very useful for various situations, not just bonfires.