Rumpl & Snow Peak’s flame-retardant blanket is on sale again! Spend time camping in style and comfort this autumn/winter camp comfortably and stylishly.

12 months ago

It’s been a chilly season so far and winter is almost here. But, we have good news for those who enjoy camping to the fullest even during the winter season.

The American blanket maker “Rumpl” and the popular brand “Snow Peak” have collaborated, to re-release the blankets that previously sold out in the blink of an eye! From October 15, 2022, they will be released in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asian countries.


First we would like to introduce the key points of this collaboration item again. Polycotton, which is a blend of natural flame-retardant fibers, is used for the outer fabric of the normal ripstop fabric. When camping, there are many scenes where you use a blanket while fanning the fire, and this blanket is safe to use even close to a fire.

The tags of both brands are included to signify the collaboration! The stitch design is also very elaborate.

In addition, since it is not coated with chemicals to be environmentally friendly, it is also a great point that it can be washed in a washing machine and still be flame retardant.

The coloring is even more noteworthy. The brown and red color scheme is inspired by Snow Peak’s classic Amenity Dome, making it a color that blends well with campsites. If you are a Snow fan, then this is surely a must have item for you.

It is large sized with specs of 127 x 178 cm when spread out and can be easily wrapped around the body but it has a handle so it is also easy to carry.

The logos of both brands are also engraved on the metal buckle of the band.

The “THE NANOLOFT TAKIBI BLANKET” can be purchased at Snow Peak retail stores, online stores, and Rumpl’s mail order site. Don’t miss it because it’s a limited quantity reproduction that is sure to sell out again fast!