Helinox chairs and cots featuring an original South 2 West 8 pattern available exclusively at Pilgrim!

9 months ago

Pilgrim Surf+Supply is a shop that offers everything from expertly selected apparel and gear while promoting lifestyles with outdoor activities. Now, an exclusive triple collaboration chair and cot with “SOUTH2 WEST8” and “Helinox” is available at Pilgrim Surf+Supply.

For this collaboration, the fabrics of Helinox’s popular items, the Sunset Chair and Tactical Cot, have been changed to South 2 West 8’s original camouflage pattern. Daisy chain webbing has also been added to improve functionality.

Sunset Chair ¥35200

South 2 West 8’s popular Hokkaido forest camouflage pattern is printed in purple. This color reminds you of the forest just before dawn in a camouflage pattern, but it doesn’t blend in with nature too much, so it will stand out nicely as part of your capsite.

Tactical Cot ¥68200

These collaboration items will be sold only at SOUTH2 WEST8 SAPPORO, Pilgrim Surf+Supply (Shibuya), Pilgrim Surf+Supply KYOTO and BEAMS Online Shop from 10/14 (Fri.).

No matter how you look at it, this triple collaboration between three popular brands is sure to sell out fast so if you are interested, we recommend checking it out as soon as possible.