A Japanese only limited-edition lantern from Barebones is here. Made of brass with a vintage feel!

1 month ago

A Japan-only model of the railroad lantern, a hit product from “BAREBONES”, is now available. The steel parts have been changed to brass, giving it a more vintage look.

Railroad lantern LED brass ¥12980

These days, LED lanterns are often required to have tasteful lighting rather than high functionality. It was Barebones’ vintage line-up that changed that trend. Among them, the “Railroad Lantern LED” is a driving force. Now, a Japanese only limited model of this classic will be available!

Where steel is used for the normal models, this one uses brass. Brass changes color the more it is used, and so its history and age becomes engraved on the brass surface. It is nice to be able to enjoy the aging of the brass metal while retaining the convenience of an LED.

Speaking of the railroad lantern LED, one of the key features is the glass that contains air bubbles. This limited-edition model uses a smoke color and has a wavy surface finish.



Size: W32.5×H14.6cm

Weight: 960g

Brightness: 35-200 lumens

Continuous lighting time: up to 100 hours

The price is slightly higher than the regular model by 3000 yen, but the vintage feel of the brass is irreplaceable. It is expected to be a popular product that will sell out quickly, so campers who are interested should check it out as soon as possible.

It is Available at A&F country stores and A&F online store.