So how about that bonfire? Check these first-hand accounts before purchasing!

3 years ago

As the seasons change and it gets gradually cooler, bonfires become an increasingly fun addition to the camp scene. Open fire cooking and relaxing while staring into the flames are all fun outdoor activities but of course the most important decision is which bonfire to purchase.

Many outdoor brands offer many different models of bonfire so it’s difficult to decide which is the best for you. That’s why we spoke to 6 different campers at the recent Go Out Camp and learned about their hands on experiences with different models of bonfire.


[Onway / Fire Grill KANAE] All in one with both grill and net.

Onway’s Fire Grill Kanae looks like a cute small size BBQ grill. 

The design is based upon the image of Chinese Spring and Autumn tableware and won a Best Design award in 2018.

[The tripod have a sense of stability and are ideal for cooking]

Owner:Sho Shimoda、Reina

It is uncommon for a bonfire stand that is so compact to have the legs, tripod and mesh all in one unified body. 

“Actually, this is my first time using it but it seems great so far. After using it and the fire goes out the ash doesn’t fly out all over the place which is very convenient”. The owner Mr Shimoda.

“I previously used a mono wire frame so this feels a little bulky when its stored but the stability from the tripod makes it great for cooking. The fire-bed is also quite wide so its easy to throw on extra firewood.

Bonfire Stand DATA
Item:Fire Grill KANAE
Assembled size:W420×D420×H430mm (H33cm to the net)
Stored size:W420×D420×H220mm
Material:Grill・Body・Lid/Stainless Steel/Leg/Aluminum Alloy


[Petromax / Fire Bowl] A manly bonfire stand with legs attached to an iron plate.

Petromax’s Fire Bowl is often seen at military or classic styled camp sites. The design is very simple and features removable legs attached to an iron plate, and proves to be very popular with male campers. 

[I was amazed by the rugged and simple design with the legs attached to the iron plate]


This bonfire stand can be used not only for simple bonfires but the iron plate makes it perfect for cooking, killing two birds with one stone. Of the three sizes available the camp site pictured is using the smallest, the [fs38] model.  

“I just really liked the simple and rugged design with the legs attached to the iron plate so I decided to use at as our bonfire stand. The steel gives it a weighty feel that is very satisfying when using it. The legs are easy to remove which makes it very easy to pack away and store, overall I’m very happy with it”.

They are using a windshield that was made by a friend as well as a fire table by Nature Tones. Additionally they have set up a Camco Fire Ring which gives a very rugged heavy camping aesthetic.

“The only real difficulty is when the wind blows the ash will blow all over the place so a windshield is a necessity when using this type of fire stand.

【Bonfire Stand DATA】
Item:Petromax「Fire Bowl」
Price:fs38  ¥9900、fs48  ¥12100、fs56  ¥16100
Assembled size:φ 380 × 260mm
Stored size:φ 38 × 3mm + legs 260mm×3
WEight:Approx. 3kg


[Solo Stove / Bonfire] Large model ideal for multi-person campsites.

“Bonfire” is a large bonfire stand from Solo Stove that has become a classic among fashionable campers. 

Boasting a sense of size that is incredibly popular with large group of campers as it really enhances the power of the bonfire. However due to the large size they are some potential hurdles involved so how is it in practicality? 

[If you’re looking for an exciiting bonfire look no further1]

Owner:Saito Kenji

The Bonfire is a cylindrical bonfire stand made with high quality stainless steel (SUS304) with a diameter of about 50cm. This is a highly popular model that has a unique double wall structure that enables secondary combustion and excellent thermal power.

The owner Mr Saito said “If you want to enjoy a bonfire without the need for cooking then this is a must have item. The burning efficiency is excellent so there is almost no smoke, ash or sparks so you can enjoy it without causing inconvenience to those around you. It’s great for cold nights due to the high thermal power and you can also use it as a stove”.

However due to its large size “For bonfire lovers I would really recommended but theres no denying it takes up a lot of space”. Also as it cannot be folded down storage and transportation can be difficult.

【Bonfire Stand DATA】
Item:Solo Stove「Bonfire」
Size:W483mm × H356mm
Weight:Approx. 9.1kg
Material:Stainless Steel


[Sanzoku Mountain / Mouncol] The rumors of this popular bonfire stand continue to spread.

Garage brand Sanzoku Mountain is already on the radar of in the know campers and here is there new “Mouncol” bonfire stand. 

At the Go Out Camp this is a wildly popular item that can be seen at many campsites. We decided to ask a few discerning campers what exactly is so special about it?

 [It looks manly and is a great size for throwing in firewood]


Mouncol is a cylindrical bonfire stand that is made from black skin iron. The diameter is about 450mm and two legs are attached with adjustable height making bonfires easy to enjoy. 

“I found it on Instagram and bought it straight away, the black body and rugged looks are really cool. The diameter is also wide so it’s easy to add firewood and really enjoy the bonfire”.

Sanzoku Mountain also have a lot of optional items that can be used together. “It’s great for enjoying a bonfire and it is also very convenient to be used for cooking making it a really versatile piece of kit”.

Regarding the disadvantages: “Obviously it’s made of iron so its unavoidable but it is very heavy and a bit difficult to load into the car”.

【Bonfire Stand DATA】
Item:Sanzoku Mountain「Mouncol」
Assembled size:(with 100mm legs attached)Approx. φ450 × H260mm/(with 170mmlegs attached)Approx. φ450 × H330mm
Stored size:Approx. W450 × H170mm、Legs 100mm×3/170mm×3
Weight: Approx 7kg
Material:Black skin iron


[Snow Peak / Bonfire] Speaking of bonfire stands, the unrivaled champion!

The long time best selling Bonfire from Snow Peak is widely considered the king of the bonfire stand scene. A true masterpiece that can be said to be a timeless classic, many people opt for this model when choosing their bonfire stand. 

This year we witnessed the largest number of people using this model so we decided to ask them how it is!

[It’s tough and compact which is great, I’ve been using it for about 7-8 years!]

It is made from a 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate and is both tough and flat for easy storage. Among the 3 available sizes, Mr Nakano, the interviewer is using the M size. When combined with a tripod it is also possible to cook with. 

“It’s a nice and tough model, I’ve been using it for about 7-8 years now and it’s also compact for easy storage in my car”.

The charm of this bonfire stand is the wide arrange of additional attachments such as griddles and plates, but Mr Nakano is only using a base plate that functions as an ashtray and charcoal floor.

“I don’t use grills because I want to burn lots of firewood, but if you want to cook you can use a tripod to get higher firepower”.

“The only drawback is that I chose the M size for 2-3 people but if I’m honest I wish I had gone for the L size. For people who want a large bonfire I really recommend going for the largest size”.

【Bonfire Stand DATA】
Snow Peak「Bonfire」
Price:S  ¥9460、M  ¥13860、L  ¥17160
Assembled Size:W350×D350×H248mm
Stored Size:450×515×32mm
Material:Stainless Steel


[Onway / Sacred Fire Bonfire Stand] Originality in abundance with this fascinating form.

We discovered a very unusual bonfire stand! This torch style bonfire stand shows Onway’s originality. 

As the name suggest, this artistic form depicting a torch like spiral design seems to be extremely popular with some campers.

[The way the flames rise in a spiral is beautiful]

Owner:Hiroki Matsumoto

The owner Mr Matsumoto owns many bonfire stands but this is personal favorite. “I really like this beautiful and original design. When you get it just right the flames rise up like a spiral”. 

It features a compact design that is made up of 6 stainless steel plates that can be folded to a thickness of approx. 6cm. It is also possible to set it up with just one touch. “It’s very easy to transport because it is so thin and you can also set it up in one touch which is great”.

However, “Ash and sparks do seem to fly out so I make sure to use it with a reflector to guard them” said Mr Mastumoto who is conscious of his fellow campers.

【Bonfire Stand DATA】
Item:Onway「Sacred Fire Bonfire Stand」
Assembled Size:W380×D335×H280mm
Stored Size:W450×D430×H60mm
Material:Stainless Alloy


Photo/Takuma Utoo