A new technology that allows you to customize your table top three-dimensionally has appeared from Snow Peak.

9 months ago

One of the pleasures of camping is customizing the kitchen and area around the bonfire to your liking and creating your own personalized site. For example, the iron grill table (IGT) is an outdoor table series from “Snow Peak” has become popular for being able to freely customize everything from the kitchen to the dining room by combining parts such as frames, top plates, and burners.

Snow Peak has now developed the “Table Top Architect System”, which allows you to customize the tabletop three-dimensionally and build a table space that feels like a cockpit.

Table Top Architect Clamp ¥4600

Snow Peak’s tabletop layout system the “Tabletop Architect System” is based on a clamp that can connect various options above and below, and combines lantern hangers and windscreens to create a freely functional space on the tabletop.

The thickness of the table that it can be attached to is from 1 to 35 mm so it is compatible with a wide range of deigns.

In addition to the base clamp, 3 items have already been released: a small lantern hanger for hanging LED lanterns, etc., and a unit frame that can be used as a shelf for hanging kitchen tools or combined with an optional tray.

Table Top Architect Lantern Hanger 4400

Table Top Architect Unit Frame ¥4400

Furthermore, around December, a mesh tray that can be combined with the unit frame to create a storage space for seasonings and cutlery, and a windscreen that can be used to create an enclosed space with various different shapes such as L-shaped and straight will be added.

“Mesh Tray Half Unit” (left) Deep ¥5500 / (right) Shallow ¥4400

Table Top Architect Windscreen ¥5500

The windscreen can also be connected to the lantern hanger or unit frame by connecting it using the included installation poles.

The “Table Top Architect System” allows you to create your own table space by freely combining the various parts to your own liking. The system is perfect for solo campers and duos who want to sit side by side and enjoy the view together.