Introducing a striped outdoors bench from ZOZO in collaboration with Ballistics!

2 weeks ago

ZOZOTOWN, a major fashion e-commerce company, has released an outdoor bench in collaboration with “BALLISTICS”.

This collaboration item will appear as part of the Fashion x Art Series project “THE PACKAGE” developed by “ZOZOVILLA”, which produces high-end items available on ZOZOTOWN.

THE PACKAGE by ZOZOVILLA vol.4 – Taichi Watanabe - ¥53350

Taichi Watanabe, is a young painter who is gathering acclaim and has produced many works on the theme of “movable windows”. His classic work the “Multi stripes” has been incorporated into a two-seat chair from Ballistics.

The bench also comes with a storage bag that uses the same pattern. The bold stripes in bright colors are sure to catch the eye at campsites.

Pre-orders are currently on sale at the pop-up space “VILLA GALLERY” on ZOZOVILLA. Only 100 units will be sold of this Ballistics made bench with a fresh look and featuring a bold graphic. There is no doubt that it will add a unique accent by incorporating it into your campsite.