A black iron bonfire from Rob Snow and Orange with a logo hidden inside the geometric pattern.

8 months ago

Among the lineup of various styles of bonfire stands at “Orange”, the one from garage brand “Rob Snow” stands out for its concept of “the only one you will ever need” and they are focused on producing strong gear that can be used for a lifetime.

Bonfire stand ¥30,800       Dedicated trivet ¥4290

The hexagonal bonfire stand is made of black iron that takes advantage of the film that naturally occurs during the iron manufacturing process. This is a material that allows you to enjoy the individual differences with unique shades and uneven colors. The faintly bluish-white surface shows its own unique aging as it is used over a long period of time, so you can look forward to using it for mnay years to come.

The names of Orange and Rob Snow are sneaked into the design of the geometric pattern that makes the flames look like they are soaring into the sky..

Compact storage is possible thanks to it being an assembly type consisting of three parts: side plates, legs, and bottom plate. The bottom plate is engraved with a serial number, and the dedicated trivet has the same design as the plate, so you can easily enjoy authentic bonfire cooking using a Dutch oven.

This collaboration has led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind gear, which has a serial number engraved on every bonfire stand. The Orange name has been cleverly sneaked into the design so you can see it in the soaring flame design engraved on the rugged and heavy hexagonal side plate.

Why not add a new bonfire stand that you can use for lifetime that also incorporates a play design element to you gear collection?