Mizuno’s moisture-absorbing and heat-generating material is used for a high-tech blanket that is indispensable for both the indoors and outdoors!

8 months ago

“MIZUNO” proposes a new way to protect against the cold outdoors, which is neither a traditional blanket nor a sleeping bag or down wear. The “Tech Fill Warmer Curmino”, which uses the moisture-absorbing and heat-generating material “Breath Thermo”, is sturdy and resistant to rain, can be washed at home, and is easy to handle. It is a highly recommended item to protect against the cold this winter, both at home and outdoors.

“Breath Thermo” is Mizuno’s original core material developed back in 1993. It is said that the human body always emits water called insensible perspiration, even if it is not sweating. “BREATH THERMO” achieves comfortable heat retention due to the heat generated by the moisture being absorbed into the fibers.

In addition, the polyester fiber used does not absorb water easily, so it does not lose its volume even when it gets wet, suppressing the loss of heat retention. It dries quickly and restores its puffiness when dry, so it can be washed by hand at home. By making the polyester fiber spiral, it creates a “layer of air that does not escape” which allows it to achieve higher heat retention performance.

Tech Fill Warmer Curmino ¥9900

“Curmino” uses a unique heat-retaining material and moisture-absorbing heat-generating material to completely cover your body from your waist to your feet. This is perfect for outdoor activities, watching sports, and telework in the middle of winter. In addition, it comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry, so it is a perfect companion when traveling.

We highly recommend it for remote working, camping, and any other occasion this winter!