Why is the classic camp storage item “Trunk Cargo” so popular?

4 years ago



When we talk about camping essentials, the overwhelmingly popular Trusco Truck Cargo has to be mentioned. We are sure that many of you are already familiar with the OD color box. 

This is already proof enough that it is easy and convenient to use but we will introduce its charm in further detail and how real campers makes use of it.


Choosing the right size for the occasion.

Made from plastic, the trunk cargo is light but durable. The standard OD color is available in 3 sizes and many people use it differently depending on their individual needs.

The smallest size can hold 30L(W400×D390×H370mm)and is suitable for holding items such as lanterns and fire lighters as well as other small equipment such as speakers and chargers etc. Next is 50L(W600×D390×H370mm)and then the largest size is 70L(W600×D390×H370mm). 

Since it can just be carried home as is, there is very little tidying up required.


It can withstand 100kg, so you can also use as a chair or table!

Whatever the size is they are capable of holding a 100kg load. Even if you pack a lot of heavy gear you won’t be in for an unwanted surprise. You can stack multiple crates or even use as a chair.

Therefore a lot of people just to use them as a side table that can also store items which saves the need to buy a separate table.  

It can also therefore be very useful for use as a tabletop during cooking.


An abundance of bespoke models and color variations!

One of the main points that appeals to camping enthusiasts is not only the original trunk cargo model but the wide array of bespoke brand collaborations.

In addition to the ever popular black color which is a Neighborhood bespoke model, as well as the beige color model from Jack and Marie and Beam’s orange. You can choose the best model to suit your camping style.

Recently it seems that a natural grey model has also been created in collaboration with Gifu’s renowned plastic manufacturer RISU, so make sure to check this out too.


Not only for storage, you can also use the lid!

Storage boxes are usually just used for carrying items to and from cars and then placed in one corner for removing items as needed. However there is also a way to make use of the Trunk Cargo lid!

First off, you can use it as a table or a shelf by attaching a top plate to the recess on the back of the lid. 

When you turn the lid back over and place on the main body it will be a perfect fit. Moreover it is useful for luggage storage as it can be used as a stopper due to its height.

This is a Snow Peak shelf container that is also popular among many campers. The trunk cargo lid fits just like Cinderella’s shoe! 

If shelf containers don’t have a lid you will need to make a top plate or buy one from a garage brand. However if you use an arrangement with your own gear you already own you can easily imitate it.


Show your originality with stickers.

The box is a simple design with no patterns so many people like to customize it by affixing their favorite stickers.

If you tune up your trunk cargo with stickers from your favorite fashion brands then you will have a unique storage box. 

You can apply just one or a lot so just customize to your own preference.

A plastic container that is resistant to rain and features a simple design that be placed in your garden, garage or even your room. 

Considering the affordable price and multi-purpose use means there is no down side to getting one for yourself!