The long-awaited curtain style gear will be released from Tokyo Craft! A refined tent and tarp using gray TC material.

7 months ago

“TOKYOCRAFTS’”, which develops gear full of originality and attention to detail, such as the popular bonfire stand ”McLite” that is lightweight and compact for families, has finally released a curtain style item using TC material!

Diamond Fort ¥39800

This floorless tent that looks like a diamond-covered tarp with a height difference between the front and back is for 1-2 people. Despite its minimal size, the tent has a spacious interior. It is also equipped with a skirt that can be rolled up, so it can prevent cold air from entering and keep warm air inside for winter.

The front panel has a mesh window for excellent ventilation. The structure, combines one main port and two subframes, when the front part is fully opened, it has a feeling of openness, but it is also possible to create a private space.

Macon ¥16800

The hexa-shaped tarp, which is based on the word for “swallowtail” in French, is characterized by its beautiful silhouette resembling a butterfly with outstretched wings. The 4m x 4m size is just the right size for camping with 2 to 4 people. Because it is a cotton blend, it is not flame-retardant, but it is strong against sparks and water-repellent, and has high light-shielding performance.

Aluminum Tarp Pole 240-280 ¥8800

Along with this, they have also developed elastic tarp poles with adjustable heights. High-strength aluminum ensures exceptional strength when used as a main pole. No need to worry about losing parts when cleaning up at night or in bad weather. A set with a tarp is also available.

Both bodies are made of TC material with a high texture blended with cotton. The color based on gray has a finish that evokes a mature urban image while still being outdoor gear. All items are available for pre-order at the online store, so city campers should check it out right away!