An authentic Kendama from Mont-Bell! Including a version featuring their cute bear mascot!

7 months ago

Kendama is a popular pass time in Japan and has spread to many other countries as well. Some people even say that they have professional-level skills! The Kendama, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021, is not only a competition, but has also been incorporated into fashion culture as “street kendama”, and has now become a major hobby and sport with fans all over the world.

mont-bell/kendama ¥2500 each

Japan’s leading outdoor brand “mont-bell” produces original leisure items that have gained a lot of core popularity! This masterpiece is made by skilled craftsmen from Yamagata Kobo, a certified factory in Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture, which has been making competition level “kendama” for over 50 years.

Yamagata Koubou boasts the largest production of competition kendama in Japan. While respecting tradition, they are manufactured using cutting-edge, modern technology.

The plate is made of beech wood and the ball is made of cherry blossom, giving it a high-quality feel. The color of the ball is either blue or black. The blue color features the brand logo, and the black color has a lovely design with Montbell’s mascot character “Monta Bear” in addition to the logo.

These are made according to the regulations set by the Japan Kendama Association, so it is possible to use them to participate in kyu/dan exams and kendama competitions.

Regardless of age or gender, kendama can be easily enjoyed indoors or outdoors, making it a perfect accompaniment to camping. Compete with your friends, play with your kids, and have a great time wherever you are!



If you download the official app from Yamagata Koubou, which is mentioned in the manual, you can watch kendama explanation and technique videos in both Japanese and English, so please check it out!