Debut of “Livin’ HOUSE”, a house produced by GO OUT.

4 months ago

The most important thing is the ease of living.

This is the new house “Livin’ HOUSE” conceived by GO OUT. Of course, it is designed to allow you to fully enjoy your hobbies like GO OUT, but since it is a house designed for living for a long time, the most important thing is of course the ease of living.

In order to live happily, if the house does not have a flow line, construction, and design that is easy to live in, it will lead to unnecessary stress so these things have been taken carefully into consideration. Ans thus a living space that is basic yet has a unique essence was born.


Flow lines for stress-free living

It features a straight line from the entrance to the living room and the wooden deck in the garden. It is designed to ensure smooth movement without worrying about carrying or moving luggage (this is the North 37 tsubo model).


A layout that increases family communication.

In Livin’ HOUSE, which is built around the living room, you can see the garden from the kitchen, which helps to improve communication with your family.

The main part of the garden features a wood deck. The leftmost window is connected to the kitchen, making it easy to serve drinks and food during BBQs and parties on the wooden deck. If you place a fire pit and tent sauna, you can simulate the outdoor experience even on days when you can’t go camping.


Little ideas to make your life easier

The room that features a concrete floor is something that you will definitely want and is designed so that you can enter and exit directly from the outside. No more unloading playthings from your car and putting them away with the sweat on your forehead. The floor is mortar, so you can throw wet things onto it without worrying about it. Also, if you set up a table, you can create a space where you can work from home or even use for hobbies.

Large items such as bicycles and canoes can be stored behind the wall of the entrance porch. It’s easy to take things out, so it helps to reduce stress. The mortar flooring is also easy to replace.

By living in the “Livin’ HOUSE”, every day spent with family, time spent alone, and time with friends are all made even more fulfilling. It was created with the aim of creating a house that enriches this type of lifestyle.


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Livin’ HOUSE