What is “Ibushi Gin”? Tableware that refocuses on traditional Japanese materials.

3 years ago

Ichinose Tile Industry, which has been making traditional Japanese tiles for 100 years has now launched “ICCI Kawara Products” with the aim of bring the feel of tiles closer to everyday life.  

They are aiming to rebuild Japanese tradition and culture by creating various products that overturn the existing perception and concept of tiles. In 2016, Hairock, who was previously a Graphic Designer at A Bathing Ape was appointed as the art director for their first collection.

On Wednesday 1st November ICCI Kawara Products released their second collection centering on tableware. Here is a selection of some of their new products.

kawara stack mag ¥2916

kawara dripper set L ¥4860 M ¥3780

coffee filter stand ¥8100

kodai hashioki ¥864

“Ibushi Gin” is a silver color that is particular to roof tiles, it has s somewhat stylish and fresh feeling. The collection is based around the theme of “breakfast” and is therefore perfect for a great start to the day. 

Of course, roof tiles are primarily used outdoors so this collection of tableware looks like it will have equal affinity for the camp dining table as well as for use at home.

ICCI Kawara https://icci-kawaraproducts.com/