Limited edition large Pendleton towels with Snow Peak’s camping gear motif are rapidly increasing in popularity!

3 years ago

Pendleton is a leading American fabric brand and this is the 4th collaboration between the prestigious brand with 150 years of history and Snow Peak from Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. A masterpiece blanket with an original design incorporated, which has a high reputation for being usable both inside and outside!


A utility blanket towel that can be used both outdoors and at home.


The base jacquard oversized bath towel is made of thick cotton and is great as a blanket or rug. It is also nice to be able to wash and use it everyday without any worries. For this collaboration, Snow Peak’s motif as used in their camping gear is used to casually upgrade the overall presentation.

The native style blends well with other Snow Peak items such as the classic fireplace, peg hammer, solid stake, etc. as well as the asterisk logo. The colors are ivory and beige, which are reminiscent of a Snow Peak tent.

Since it is a large size, you can use it like a rug without any problems. We’re really looking forward to using it outside in the field when the global situation is resolved.

A versatile blanket that can be used in a variety of situations, being able to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors while at home. This is guaranteed to make your extra time spent at home feel more comforting but make sure to order yours soon before they are all gone!

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