5 times stronger than concrete!? Excellent outdoor stand made from mortar!

3 years ago

“DETOURLIFE” is a popular brand with trendily designed cushions and outdoor gear. Introducing this tea stand, which was created based on the unique theme of “OUTERIOR,” which means interior furniture that can also be used outdoors. The tea stand, which uses mortar for the top plate is unique and surprisingly excellent.

Osoto Chabu-Dai  Square ¥13200

This square type tea stand is stylish but also gives a homey impression. The top plate mortar is made in Belgium, and is 5 times stronger than concrete, making it a tough table that can withstand heat of up to 300 degrees.

Also, folding the steel legs is convenient for storage. Mortar can be enjoyed over time, so it’s a rare table that you can create your own atmosphere.

2 types will be sold including a round type, so of course you can use it for home or camping, as well as seasonal events like picnics and cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

■TSUNOKAWAFARM https://detourlife.stores.jp/