We ask fashionable outdoors experts for their 10 best at home items. [Part 1]

3 years ago

With the current global pandemic, now that you’re at home for a long time, at least you want to enjoy your indoor life with a little bit of comfort.

So, we asked 10 outdoors friends who were familiar with GO OUT about their favorite “Housemates” to help during this time! If you like the outdoors, you may find hints that will make you feel better while you are at home!


[CASE 01] Ryuichi Katsuyama / ACME Furniture, journal standard Furniture Press

An interior press for the Bay Cruise Group, which develops clothing, food, and beauty. 37-year-old who loves the outdoors and dumplings that often appear in fashion magazines.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: camping, cycling
■ What’s new recently: Jogging, lunch takeout in Kichijoji area

Desk(Journal Standard Furniture)

“This Journal Standard Furniture Desk is designed for sale by logistics mogul ASKUL. It features a minimal and compact design (6.6 tatami mats) that can accommodate small offices. The lantern on the right side of the desk is from the garage brand ALDEBARAN, which I bought for camping, but is now playing an active role in my house! ”

The corner aesthetic is perfect and with a home like this, I would rather spend a long time there! By the way, the official online shopping site of Bay Cruise has a lot of furniture and home furnishings, so check it out!


[CASE 02] Akio Kihara / Representative of Allfor1 / artisan933

In addition to their own brands such as SUGARGLIDER and UUU. they also develop the bamboo outdoor brand FEEL GOOD in Taiwan. In October 2019, they established artisan933 Co., Ltd. in their hometown of Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, which focuses on traditional crafts and outdoor activities, and will run campsite advisors and run private lodgings for old houses.
■ Favorite outdoor activity: Camping
■ Recently started: Piano practice


“This is a beer mug from FEELGOOD, which manufactures products with a low environmental impact in Taiwan. I often use it in offices to check its durability. I feel that economic activity is sluggish all around the world, but I hope that we can keep this level of conscientiousness and quality in the future”.

Even with everyday items, just doing something special for yourself makes you feel good. Kihara’s brand SUGARGLIDER 20SS is now on sale in GO OUT ONLINE!


[CASE 03] Tarzan AQZAWA / ALDIES Director

A primitive man from the futre who came on a time machine. ALDIES Director. In addition, is also producing ELDORESO “Running Space-time Wear”, and collaboration items with Airwalk are now on sale!
■ Favorite outdoor activity: Earth running
■ What’s new recently: Watching anime

Radio cassette player(unknown)

“I’ve had it for a long time, but I’ve had it on display without using it. Actually, it’s about 1 meter in height, which has a great impact. I recently noticed that I could listen to cassette tapes, and I started collecting them from last year. The speaker is broken, but the distortion of that sound feels good and earthy. ”

Even if you haven’t used it for many years, you may find it surprisingly fresh when you pull it out and try using it! Unexpectedly opening the door to a new hobby is a great way to use your time at home!


[CASE 04] Shodai Ikeya / Urban Research Press

From Tokyo, 26 years old. A new dad who just had a baby in March. He used to go surfing almost every day on his days off, but now he’s refraining. Now, while watching a surf movie with his son, he is looking forward to being able to ride a wave together someday.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: Surfing, skateboarding
■ What’s new recently: Parenting

Benio Warren cushion(marco world)

“We got this cushion from Marco World (marco world) as a wedding gift. We are surf partners with two of the brands. They are also good at surfing, and the select sense such as rugs, vintage boards and wet suits that they buy overseas is outstanding! By the way, they are selling rugs at Urban Research Jinnan store, so please come and see when the world calms down! “ 

I was watching Jack Coleman’s “GROOVE MOVE” on this day. It’s a DVD I got from a senior about 7 years ago when I started surfing, and I still watch it regularly. “Not to change the subject but NEW BALANCE x URBAN RESEARCH bespoke PROCT will be on sale from the end of April! (Laughs)”


[CASE 05] Atsushi Kodama / ZOZOTOWN Outdoors General Manager, B.S.K.K. Outdoor Director

Working at ZOZOTOWN outdoor general manager as his main job! As a side business, he operates a complex netowork of outdoor shops and cafes & restaurants “BSKK (Instagram here and here)” and the event “HELLO NEW DAY!”, He is also working to promote the culture of his hometown Izumo.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: Camping, outdoor festivals
■ What he started while refraining from going out: walking

Folding chair(Snow Peak)

“I have Re-recognized the importance of your choice of chair when working from home. This Snow Peak chair has a wide seat surface, a high height, compact storage, and excellent sitting comfort! It’s my at-home companion who helps me not get tired of working. ” 

Many will reselect furniture to make remote work more comfortable. Like Mr. Kodama, casually incorporating outdoor brand items to match your style! If you feel like you are surrounded by your favorite furniture, your work will be greatly improved!