We ask fashionable outdoors experts for their 10 best at home items. [Part 2]

3 years ago

With the current global pandemic, now that you’re at home for a long time, at least you want to enjoy your indoor life with a little bit of comfort.

So, we asked 10 outdoors friends who were familiar with GO OUT about their favorite “Housemates” to help during this time! If you like the outdoors, you may find hints that will make you feel better while you are at home!


Naoki Kuze / Freelance Director, Musician

From fashion brand product planning to video and visual direction and promotion. Having a face as a musician using a loop machine, he is active mainly in Tokyo under the name of Naoki Kuse.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: Bicycle, solo camp
■ What’s new recently: Watching Instagram live


Post O’Alls setup.

“I spend most of the time wearing a Post O’Alls adult jersey that isn’t too sporty. You can relax in at it home easily, and when going out shopping for everyday items, wear a light outerwear which makes it very convenient for quick trips to the shops”. 

Even though we can’t go out, we like clothes and we want to enjoy fashion and be able to relax comfortably. Mr. Kuze, who is more of a nomad freelance worker, can choose clothes that suit his lifestyle. By the way, at the POST O’ALLS online shop, you can also purchase dead stock items that are usually only available in stores!


Ryo Ichinose / Chums PR

PR of Chums, an American-born outdoor brand. Recently, his favorite place at home has been in the kitchen, and he is particularly addicted to making fruit liquor. Also, the basic style of cooking involves drinking alcohol, so it seems that he has become a kitchen drinker.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: camping, festivals
■ New things recently: running, fasting (petit fasting)


Chums Camping Apron.

“When I’m standing in the kitchen, I love my CHUMS aprons. Even when I’m on MTG such as ZOOM, wearing an apron can make me feel like I can hide the fact I’m wearing room wear, and it’s a good thing that I can do the housework properly. (Laughs) Since you can store a 350ml can in the front pocket, you can drink beer anytime, anywhere! ” 

Similarly, it is said that the new pants “LW Chumsing Jogger” by Chums are perfect for being used at home. It has a quick-drying and clean silhouette, so it’s perfect for going out a little! By the way, it seems that Chums is currently holding a [# CHUMSTAY HOME] campaign to share pictures of kitchenware, recipes, colorings etc. on social media, so check it out!


Kenta Kobayashi / Representative of Tempra

A representative of tempra who is an extrovert who likes being out and about. It’s a lot of work because of the coronavirus, but I’m still thinking about what to do to survive without being crushed. Let’s do our best together.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: camping, overnight stay, bike trip, bike packing
■ Recently started new things: Radio control messing around


Jack Lee solar panels and batteries.

“I bought a solar panel and a battery that I purchased last year as a disaster prevention tool. I am charging them in the daytime to use a projector in a garden tent with my daughter. Besides, an LED lantern that illuminates the garden for my daughter who is afraid of the dark, it’s also used as a power source, for charging remote-controlled radios, and for charging your mobile phone when you go to sleep! ”

Kobayashi is a master of the outdoors; he conducts design work and has sewing machines in his workshop, weeding of unmaintained parts in the garden, maintenance of cars and motorcycles in the garage, and so on. Even during the lockdown period, it seems that he is actively spending time while enjoying a “semi-outdoors” lifestyle!


Kondo Tomomichi / Stylist

While specializing in outdoor styling including GO OUT, he is a stylist who focuses on the details with professional knowledge from street to dresses. Currently, he is not only styling but also director of photography and is expanding his work in various fields.
■ Favorite outdoor activity: Camping
■ Recently started: Running


Anker projector.

“I wanted to enjoy a movie on a large screen indoors and outdoors, and after doing various research, I decided on this projector. Although it is a little expensive among the Anker line up, it has a remarkably good balance of image and sound quality, You can feel the feeling of being at the cinema. If you watch the road movie on one wall, you can have fun and enjoy it outdoors! ”

Recently, it is a daily routine to brew hot coffee using a coffee mill that I bought at a coffee workshop I attended when I went to GO OUT CAMP. I can enjoy movies and coffee, and feel the vibe of GO OUT even when at home!


Kei Matsushita / Beams Press

After joining Beams in 2008, worked as a press officer for men’s casual clothing after gaining experience as a shop staff at various stores. In his private life, he has two children.
■ Favorite outdoor activities: fishing, camping
■ Recently started: Cooking


Panasonic home bakery.

“I prepare bread after the children have fallen asleep. It takes about 5 hours to complete it, but it’s ok because there is plenty of time. Set it at night and go to the living room the next morning, bread will be in the room. The smell of fresh bread in the morning is really a great way to wake up. Children also like bread, so they look forward to it every time. “ 

Mr. Matsushita started cooking while trying to enrich his meals while he could not eat out. Even the elaborate cooking that takes time is easy to try while stuck at home for long periods. Curry made from spices, pork bone soup, spare ribs, etc. This may be an opportunity to hone your outdoor cooking skills!