The furniture collaboration between Carhartt WIP x JS Furniture evokes strong American garage themes.

3 years ago

Journal Standard Furniture is synonymous with American vintage interiors and is collaborating with American work-wear juggernauts Carhartt WIP to bring a unique tag team approach to sofas and cabinets.

For the pair’s previous collaboration, Carhartt’s symbolic heavy ounce American duck fabric was used in JS favorites such as sofas and chairs. This time, another of Carhartt’s famous woodland duck print is used to create a rugged natural atmosphere.

Cabinet ¥73440

Cover    ¥23760、 Dress up sofa ¥43200

Rugs ¥28080

Waste Basket ¥4104

Interior is a difficult hurdle for many to get quite right, however this collection has a rugged and refined masculinity that makes it tough to make a mistake with. Even just one of these special pieces can totally transform a room!

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