The new tree focused brand “Whole Tree” has arrived. Naturally-derived items such as sanitizing sprays are available.

3 years ago

Japan’s leading design group Landscape Products, which develops various creative products, announced a new brand. WHOLE TREE was born from a career that explored trees through interior design, and they are planning to make genre-less products that can be used daily made from wood.


Natural products that can be used by anyone with peace of mind.

CLEAN-UP SPRAY HINOKI     ¥3300(250ml)、¥1760(50ml)

The first lineup consists of 3 items, and the multi-purpose cleanup spray is of particular interest. A high sterilization effect is achieved by using the essential oils of cypress and tea tree containing phytoncide, a plant-derived bactericidal ingredient.

Because it’s a natural ingredient, it’s great to use it to sterilize children’s toys and hands.


The Room Spray is in two scents, Horwood soil and forest cedar. Both have the effect of relieving stress and promoting relaxation, so you can enjoy the feeling of spending time in the forest at home. Recommended for spraying before bathing and deodorizing toilets.

PALO SANTO     ¥1320

And the last product is Palo Santo, a fragrant tree that grows naturally in Central America. If you light the fire like incense, the sweet and woody scent will fill the room. It is an item that has been used since ancient times for aboriginal rituals and amulets, so you can purify the space and refresh your mood. There is no doubt that your time at home will be more pleasant.


The stylish looks go well with interiors!

These new products have excellent presentation as well as great everyday use. Please note that the cleanup sprays disinfectant properties are insufficient to deal with the corona infection, and the 250 ml nozzle part is also a push type like 50 ml.

Beginning with the disinfectant spray, gentle natural products that take advantage of the characteristics of trees are lined up. It’s safe for kids and pets together, and the sophisticated package great to add to a cool interior. Even lockdown days that last for a while can become a relaxing wonderful time.