12 functional and fashionable items that make your indoor life more enjoyable.

3 years ago

I think that many people have probably redecorated their rooms as they spend more time at home during the current pandemic. .

You can refresh your room wear, bring your outdoors furniture inside, and get daily miscellaneous goods to help brighten up the boredom of long hours spent indoors.

So, this time, I picked up 12 great items that I would like to incorporate as a finishing touch to the interior.

1. MOUNTAIN RESEARCH × Snow Peak Jug & Kettle.

This is the featured collab of the iconic A wreath mark print on the snow-peak classic that Setsu Tadashi Kobayashi from Mountain Research actually uses. Left ¥17600, right ¥41800


2. DULTON’s low-type chair

The dalton’s low-type chair has a back style with an interior design aesthetic. It’s a combination of leather and canvas, giving it a tasteful texture. ¥ 63800


3. Spring Bar Apron

Spring Bar’s Apron is used as a Salt Lake factory uniform. It uses the same fabric as the sprinkling bar tent, which has excellent wear resistance and water resistance. Comes with an adjustable strap. ¥ 16280


4. Icebreaker’s boarder shirt.

One of the new items from ice breaker is designed with a refreshing border merino wool design that makes it easy to use. Stretched Lycra® is used so it is easy to move in. ¥ 13200


5. GORDON MILLER trunk cargo.

Gordon Miller Trunk cargo with enhanced stacking function. This storage box with a load capacity of 100 kg has a flat top plate for stable stacking and is safe to use at home. Pre-release is available for these two colors. Each ¥3518


6. Fresh Service denim coat..

A fresh service denim coat that is an arrangement of traditional Japanese work clothes. Uses a soft 8 ounce denim and chain stitch finishing. ¥ 37400




Developed by the D&D Department Project, this is a hanger type steel rack that was commercialized as an original after being a customized order for a store fixture. The withstand load is 100 kg. ¥ 26950


8. Butler Verner Sails room slippers.

Room slippers from Butler Burner Sails made with high quality suede. Contrary to its elegant appearance, it is a gem MADE IN JAPAN that is also excellently priced. ¥ 5830


9. CHUMS’s Othello Cloth & Trump.

From Chums, who also puts a lot of effort into games, we picked up Othello and an original trump that resembled a water-repellent table cloth on the board. Othello Cloth ¥5390, Trump ¥1430


10. Snow Peak clay pot set.

This is a snow-peak clay pot set that can be used daily without any camping. For 1 to 2 people, it comes with a set of 2 plates and 2 bowls. A key point is that the finish was done without the need for maintenance. ¥ 14278


An innovative speaker with a transparent sound that confronts environmental problems by using an aluminum frame and reinforced glass. Supports clear sound bluetooth connection. ¥ 143000


12. WILD THINGS cool set up.

The Wild Things cool shirt and pants are finished in a supple and silky texture by the calculated blending ratio of linen and cotton. Wearing the full set up furthers improves the comfortability. Upper ¥12100, Lower ¥13200


Photo/Shouta Kikuchi、Styling/Tomoyuki Sasaki
Text/Sachio Kanai、Satoshi Yamamoto、Shuhei Sato、GO OUT