The finest pipe chair. PFS’s artistic folding chair with a focus on the frame and cushions.

3 years ago

Launched in 1988, the “Pacific Furniture Service” is a lineup of furniture that is universal and comfortable to use, based on the concept of “cooler living more than cool furniture.”

From popular select shops to certain famous diners, there are countless shops that offer all interiors in “PFS”. The brand’s classic chair that will make your indoor life extra comfortable!


A folding chair from Clarin Company, USA, which has been made since 1925. Also known as America’s first steel chair, the model is synonymous with folding chairs in public spaces such as schools and hospitals.

A structure that combines “double rolled steel” with rounded ends of the frame and a flexible “X frame” to ensure stability even on uneven ground. A thick cushioning material is used on the back and seat, so it seems to be good for remote work where you are sitting for long periods of time.

It can be used not only in the living room and dining room, but also on the veranda and in the garden. The thickness when folded is only 8 cm, and it is a USP that it can be stored neatly without taking up unnecessary space.

The industrial atmosphere is likely to create a luxurious indoor area to chill out in. You can improve your time spent at home with this design that has not changed for more than 90 years!

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