High-quality interior gear from Aomori Hiba to take an use outdoors. The unique features using natural materials are also attractive.

3 years ago

Cul de Sac, a brand from Nakameguro in Tokyo that develops apparel that focuses on domestic products. A new brand “Cul de Sac-JAPON” that uses Aomori Hiba has been created, taking advantage of the experience of the designer of the same brand who was born and raised in a timber store in Aomori!

The main lineup of this Cul de sac-Japon is interior items made from the scraps of natural Aomori Hiba. In particular, items made of logs are perfect not only for interior lovers but also for outdoor enthusiasts.

A stool that makes the interior more fashionable just by placing it.

Cul de Sac-JAPON Stool_H40cm/43cm ¥30800 (Φ約280~400×H400mm)

This is a stool made from logs in their natural state. Each one is made by hand, and the seat surface is gently curved to make it easy to sit on. Since you can enjoy the scent of Hiba with a solid finish, it also acts as an air freshener while being a stool!

Hiba is a famous conifer tree in Aomori prefecture. It takes 200 years to grow to a diameter of 50 cm, 300 years to grow to a diameter of 1 m, and it takes a long time to grow into a mature tree. Not only is it resistant to corrosion and very durable, but it can also be expected to have antibacterial, insect-repellent, and deodorant effects. A stool that uses the luxurious hiba is a must-see!


A highly functional storage box that takes advantage of its performance!

L   ¥7480 (W360×H160×D335mm) 、M  ¥5060 (W360×H90×D335mm)

This is a wood box made of hiba. Stacking is also possible with two different depths. Taking advantage of its high antibacterial and insect repellent effects, it is suitable for storing vegetables. In addition, you can put it in a closet that is easy to keep moisture out for storing your clothes.

Of course, it is perfect for storing camping gear. In that case, I’m glad that it’s fashionable to show it in the house as it is!


Cul de-sac is getting more and more attention.

In this series using logs, there are not only stools but also small items, iPhone stands, and plate holders for pets. In addition, there are abundant small items such as kitchen tools, Hiba essential oil, deodorant and air freshener.

The Hiba series that lets you feel the outdoors even at home. It is available at select shops all over the country, so check it not only for those who love playing outdoors but also for those who are interested in innovative interiors!

■Culdesac tel:03-6412-8083 http://www.culdesac.jp/