Play outside in the garden or balcony! 6 outdoor toys for parents and children to play with!

2 years ago

Recently it has become more popular to spend time in your garden or on your veranda at home. It’s a good idea to line up chairs and tables and chill out, but enjoying playtime with your children is also great fun.

Therefore, we carefully selected 6 outdoor hobby goods that parents and children can play with in the garden or on the balcony. Of course, all the items can be used when camping, so you should check it as a companion for your summer camp trips too!

  1. A chair that can also be a ball throwing game!


Chum’s folding chair, can be attached to a tree or a handrail to enjoy “ball throwing”. The set consists of seats with mesh pockets and three mini cushions (balls) printed with birds. The chums-like pop design is excellent as an interior, and makes you feel good even when at home!


  1. A real survival game experience with a water gun!

suck UK「Water Wars」 ¥4950

From “Suck UK,” a British miscellaneous goods and gift brand, they deliver the best water guns. It’s a special material that changes color to red when wet, so it has excellent reality! Make sure to join us in the pool!


  1. Enthusiasm for a modern solid wood board game!

TIMBER CREW「AW(Ash Walnat)Games」 ¥19800

A special item made from Ash Walnut, the “Goblet Gobler”! It is a deep board game where strategy and memory are key in a game that involves moving large, medium and small pieces on a 3 × 3 grid to make one row diagonally. It is a guarantee that adults will enjoy it!


  1. How do you feel about James Bond? A rubber gun to pull at a man’s heartstrings!

elastic precision「Walther PPK」 ¥5280

A high-quality rubber gun made of solid wood. It is made to mimic the “Walser PPK,” which is also known to have been used by James Bond of the movie 007, and the grip feels just as authentic. It is an automatic specification that can fire up to 5 shots but please be careful not to shoot it at people!


  1. The fun of an old-fashioned kendama remains unchanged!


It’s a nostalgic kendama, but it’s now established as a hobby for outdoor play and even competition. This is made in Denmark’s KENDAMA brand in a cream finish, and it is easy to handle even for beginners. Also, the point is that all 9 colors and color variations are abundant. Why don’t you use your home time and practice with your kids and parents?


  1. Handmade and real leather Othello

What Will be Will be「CAMP de Riversi」 ¥8580

Reversi (Othello) made with leather can be enjoyed regardless of the age generation! The board mat is a vintage-style canvas with leather piping and buttons that can be rolled up to store and carry. All are handmade and sure to grow even more with age!

Photo/Sosuke Shimizu