A base for rural living, which is a self-renovated old house. [Fashionable outdoor style home look]

3 years ago

Nowadays each person has their own way of thinking about their own ideal lifestyle!

This time, we will report on the owners of an interesting outdoor style house who are actually realizing the concept of “My Home” that suits their lifestyle! This time, I would like to introduce the Yamura family who self-renovated an old house and run a hot spring inn (ryokan).

Making a base for rural living is fun because it takes time and effort.

OWNER: Shota Yamura (head of Choja Onsen Yutorikan), Yasuko, Hiyori-chan

Mr. Yamura, who moved from Tokyo to Niigata about four years ago and runs a hot spring inn “Yutorikan” as a couple with his wife. The house, which is a self-renovated old house with a view of the sea, is a D.I.Y. space made mostly from wood.

“I wanted to make it fell lived in, so I have redone it many times until I got to the interior I wanted, but it seems like it’s going to change again as time goes by, and maybe it won’t ever be fully completed.”

Yamura’s house is on a small hillside. The location is a 1-minute walk to the sea, where you can see the sunset over the Sea of Japan. “It’s about time to repair the outer wall, but I’m wondering if I’ll paint a little before that.”

Starting from the field last year, I think we will also maintain the garden this year.

“Of course, it takes a lot of work, but living is busy (laughs), and everyday is fun. Living in the country is all about studying, and as long as I’m here, I can do anything I want to do.”

The dining room without walls and sliding doors in all three rooms creates a wide space of more than 20 tatami mats, so that their Akita Inu pet dog “Kichi-chan” can live stress-free. The solid wood floor is made by D.I.Y.


A warm and comfortable space built with solid wood by D.I.Y.

In the living room that continues from the dining room, large sofas are installed facing each other. “It’s more than big enough for a family of three, but since my friends often come to play, I have a sofa bed set up as well.”

The beam has a unique texture by applying white paint once and then peeling it off. “I didn’t aim for this… I just peeled it off because it wasn’t what I expected when I painted it white (laughs).”

A shoe rack made of pipes and wooden boards and a display shelf are installed at the entrance. The vegetables placed in front of it are those picked from Mr. Yamura’s field and gifts from his neighbors. “I’ve come to enjoy seasonal vegetables since I came here.”

It seems that the washroom corner was also installed themselves. The wall in front of the toilet is purposely painted blue. “Because I just used the extra paint, it’s blue up to the middle of the stairs. My personality type means that I don’t worry too much about the details (laughs).”

Regarding the only part made by a carpenter. “I often have whole vegetables, so I installed a large commercial kitchen. Since the walls and shelves are made from scrap wood, there are a lot of rough parts, but I think that the character and aging is also good.”

The Japanese tableware stored in the kitchen was made by Yasuko’s father. “My dad is really into pottery these days. The handmade feel of an amateurs work is interesting. Because it is delivered on a regular basis (laughs), I’m also using them at the inn.”



・Area: Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture

・ Floor plan: 4LDK

・House type: House

・Dwelling years: 4 years

・Building age: about 60 years

Photo/Fumihiko Ikemoto
Report & Text/Masatsugu Kuwabara