Taking the best from the city and nature. Lifestyle at a mountain base on holidays. [Fashionable outdoor style home look]

2 years ago

Now that new ways of living are being born every day, each person has their own way of thinking about their ideal lifestyle!

This time, we will report on the owners who are actually realizing the dream of “My Home” that suits such their own unique lifestyle! I visited the mountain house of Mr. Nakamura, who loves bonfires and lives between two locations.

Living in the mountains, the shortest distance from home.

OWNER: Shuichi Nakamura (SNOW SHOVELING shopkeeper)

Mr. Nakamura, who runs the Snow Shoveling bookstore in Komazawa, achieved his dream of having a second home in the mountains 3 years ago. “I yearn for the secluded life that appears in Haruki Murakami’s books, and come here only on holidays as a trial period for mountain living.”

I chose this Kiyokawa village because it is the mountain that is the shortest distance in the car from my home in Setagaya where I originally lived. The interior, which has a cozy atmosphere, has been completely renovated and took about 1 year.

The bookshelf attached to the wall of the bedroom is Nakamura’s own work. The novels, art books, and records that have been collected so far are lined up. In addition to Haruki Murakami’s book that led to his desire for mountain living, he brought in books such as literary works and art books that he wanted to read over time. He got chandeliers and sofas at a recycled furniture shop around Kiyokawa Village.

“When you are in nature, you can switch to a different way of thinking than you normally do, and have time to face your inner self. Right now, I still have work, so the ratio of 5 days in the city and 2 days in nature is fine for now”.

This house was obtained through direct negotiations with the landlord. He said, “It was so run down it looked like it came from a horror movie (laughs),” but as long as you have a bath and toilet, there is no problem. There is a large terrace on the second floor where camping tables and chairs are placed.


A vintage mountain base built by renovation, recycling, and “reuse”.

First of all, he started working on the kitchen.

The sinks that existed from the beginning were left as they were, and he created the countertops and counters. Inside, there is a hidden teppanyaki corner that Mr. Nakamura especially likes.

The living room where you can see the river and enjoy reading next to it and sse the old trunk as a cafe table. All of these were bought from a local recycle shop.

A fireplace and a vent for a bonfire are located by the entrance.

“I wanted to have a bonfire, so I longed for the mountains in the first place. I gaze at the fire in the garden except during the hot summer.”



・Area: Aikawa Town, Kanagawa Prefecture

・ Floor plan: 1LDK

・Type of residence: House

・Number of years of residence: 3 years

・Building age: about 30 years