White Mountaineering collaborates with Fritz Hansen. A superb chair with a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese taste.

3 years ago

FRITZ HANSEN, a long-established interior company founded in Denmark in 1872, has great chemistry with White Mountaineering, Japan’s leading worldwide outdoor brand. They have created a higher-grade chair by fusing Scandinavian and Japanese tastes. 

The classic Jacobsen with a parquet pattern that is typical of White Mountaineering.

White Mountaineering×FRITZ HANSEN グランプリチェア ¥143000

White Mountaineering designer Yosuke Aizawa, who is also known as a furniture collector, chose the Grand Prix chair, which is the masterpiece of interior design master Arne Jacobsen, as the collaboration base.

It is the only wooden leg model in the current chair line up designed by Jacobsen.

The image of White Mountaineering is set in a masterpiece chair. The upholstery made by Kyoto craftsmen matches the wood body perfectly.

The upholstery is jacquard with a parquet pattern, which is the interior motif of the White Mountaineering store. Kawashima Selkon Textiles, a prestigious textile manufacturer in Kyoto, is in charge of the fabric production. The elaborate and precise weave has achieved a color and texture that blends well with the wooden legs.

Only 300 chairs will be produced. There is a serial number on the double name plate.

An ultra-rare chair with a serial number engraved on it, with only 300 produced in Asia only. Over-the-counter sales are scheduled for mid-September, but pre-orders are currently being accepted by Fritz Hansen authorized distributors.

Make sure to check it early so you don’t miss out!

■FRITZ HANSEN     https://fritzhansen.com/ja-jp