A unique collaboration between KOKUYO and JS Relum! Traditional stationery colored with a rugged military theme.

2 years ago

Remote work has increased greatly since the start of the Corona virus pandemic. While many people are preparing an environment to work at home, we take a look at the stationery that “JOURNAL STANDARD relume” has available to create a casual home office.

They have created a collaboration with Japan’s leading stationery maker “KOKUYO”. Here we will introduce three products based on practical to use cases and trays.

The letter case, which has been a classic for many years since its release in 1961, is remade in a limited khaki color. LETTER CASE 3 ¥ 6600

This is also a popular model along with the “LETTER CASE 3”, but this is a 5-stage type that can subdivide documents and stationery goods. LETTER CASE 5 ¥ 8800

A lineup of movable steel trays that can be stacked. STEEL TRAY ¥ 6050

All are made of a tough steel material, and are the correct size that A4 size documents can fit comfortably. The minimalist look that has been stripped of unnecessary adornments is very stylish. The military-style coloring seems to fit comfortably as a cutlery drawer for a tent site too.

An unlikely series of collaboration models that matche the functionality of the long-established KOKUYO with the modern stylish sense of Journal Standard’s Relum is now on sale. Notebooks and boxes will also be available in the future. You can help to create a comfortable working environment at home with these new bespoke items.

■JOURNAL STANDARD relume tel:03-5909-4675 https://journal-standard.jp/relume/mens/