Pottery brand “N / OH” have created an exclusive collection of flower pots with B:MING.

3 years ago

B: MING by BEAMS, curate many things from fashion to lifestyle, has developed a bespoke collection with the pottery brand that is made be sculptors.

The B:MING philosophy has been transplanted to pottery that is perfect for succulents and tuberous plants that are popular these days. This is a lineup that is also recommended for interior enthusiasts.


B:MING havde made a special lineup based on the standard models of Gifu’s pottery brand “N / OH”, who actively produces works that can be incorporated into daily life, such as flower pots, with the theme of plants and containers.

There are 5 popular types called “Shinogi” that have a bold design with randomly scraped surfaces and are very popular in Ayase.



A modern, high-impact design with the letters “B:” and positive messages displayed. Nowadays, when I spend more time at home and pay more attention to my living space, it may be cool to add green to my room to help bring the outdoors home.

■BEAMS https://www.beams.co.jp