Bring the scent of outdoors to your home! The sacred fragrant wood “Palo Santo”. Three brands to watch out for this summer.

2 years ago

Room fragrances are accelerating in popularity due to the increase in time spent at home during the global pandemic, and in recent years, the fragrant wood “Palo Santo” has been attracting the attention of many people. Palo Santo, which means “sacred tree” in Spanish, is a perfumed tree that grows naturally in the coastal areas of Central and South America, and is said to have been used for indigenous ceremonies since ancient times.

Nowadays, it is increasing in popularity as a sustainable item because it can be made by drying a piece of wood that has withered naturally. Among the many available we have picked up on three cool Palo Santos that are GOOD packages that will also look good as part of your interior.


Interior goods brand “Luna Sundara” are from New Jersey, USA. By setting it in a special Palo Santo holder and lightin it, combustion will continue and the aroma will be diffuse into the room. Palo Santo 8-piece set ¥ 2420, Palo Santo holder (with 5-piece set of fragrant wood) ¥ 7150



Home product brand “Danlow” was started in May. Palo Santo, which appeared as part of their first lineup, contains a lot of oil and gives off a clear and strong scent. Each one is thick, and the fragrant trees carefully selected by hand have a long burning time and are long-lasting. ¥ 1650



The new brand “Hall Tree” by “Landscape Products”, develops wood based products. The fashionable packaging is also attractive, and the Palo Santo also has an air purification effect, so it is fun to leave it as a part of your interior. ¥ 1320

It features an organic scent that mixes the wild scent of burning vegetation with the freshness of citrus fruits and the sweetness of vanilla, and also has an insect repellent and aromatherapy effect. This can help you enjoy the relaxing scent of the outdoors while spending quality time at home.