A self renovated eclectic Japanese-Western house that used to be an old folk house. [Life gear home style]

2 years ago

With the increased amount of time spent at home due to the pandemic many people are working on improving their homes as both work and a hobby.

We’re going to take a look at how some people achieve their ideal lifestyle at home.

Here we will take a look at Mr Aoki’s home which is self renovated and he also runs it as a guest house.

A unique space that combines outdoor elements with both Japanese and Western influences.

Tatsuya Aoki (representative of noniwa)

Mr. Aoki’s runs the noniwa campsite from his home, which also serves as an open space open to campers who can also stay in the living room and kitchen.

“Originally, it was an old folk house that became uninhabited, so I took advantage of that and decided to self-renovate. Since I was dealing with African products in my previous job, I mixed African and Japanese folk crafts and rented gear and created a living room with a panoramic view. ”

The unique space, which is a mix of Japanese and Western styles with outdoor elements, is somewhat nostalgic and creates a relaxing environment.

The exterior is a modern style covered with galvalume steel plate because it is a relocated old private house. The second floor is used as a private space for the couple. “Customers who visit for the first time are surprised by the difference between the exterior and interior (laughs).”

“Since the garden is a campsite, I hope it will be an extension of that and a place where our guests can relax.”

The large living room that connects the 8 tatami mats and the inner porch is an open space with a sense of being lived in. “Customers often say,” I feel like I’m back home “(laughs). In the future, I’d like to add a wooden deck that can be used for bonfires.” 


An open nostalgic space created via DIY.

In front of the alcove and the window in the corner of the living room, which is also an open space, a small area is built using tatami mats. In the midst of this oriental atmosphere, Moroccan folk crafts and cushions are displayed, and there is also a bonfire between in the alcove.

There is a display shelf made by himself with a perforated board and pine wood. “We have carefully selected items for a wide range of camps, and of course all of them are actually usable. We make it easy to choose the gear that you want to try out.”

The kitchen is lined with a large number of mugs and outdoor kitchen wear. If you stay at the campsite, you can rent all the equipment and tools here. There is also a commercial stove and a large fireplace in the kitchen, so you can enjoy authentic outdoor cooking.

A large hammock is also available in the space on the inner porch that is integrated with the living room. “This is a place where you can relax in the sunshine, and when you open the window, a pleasant breeze comes in.”

There is also a bookshelf with books related to the outdoors. “I have books that I want to study personally and books that I want customers to read.” A large signboard made of natural wood has been built under the bookshelf.



Area: Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture

Floor plan: 2LDK

Housing form: Detached house

Number of years occupied: 2 years

Age of build: 20 years


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