An urban lifestyle with a good balance between living environment and location. [Life gear home style]

2 years ago

With the increased amount of time spent at home due to the pandemic many people are working on improving their homes as both work and a hobby. We’re going to take a look at how some people achieve their ideal lifestyle at home.

This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Yamada’s home, which is both a home and a workplace, where you can feel nature even in Tokyo.


A living environment and location that makes you forget that you are in Tokyo.

Shoichi Yamada (people showroom PR)

Mr. Yamada lives in a detached house with a garden in a quiet residential area of Nerima Ward, Tokyo. He came across this house when he was looking for a property in an area with easy access to the city center because of his work. It is both home and a workplace, as one room on the second floor is used as an office.

Outdoor gear such as kermit chairs and tables are lined up under the eaves, and when the weather is nice, you can have breakfast or coffee here and relax. “When birds are singing in the morning I forget that I am in Tokyo.”

The living and dining room mixes outdoor gear with old furniture. Originally, it was divided into two rooms, but by eliminating the bran and making it one floor, it has become much more spacious. Houseplants and dried flowers match the atmosphere of a Japanese-style room.

He is also a cat lover who currently owns three cats. For Mr. Yamada, who loves the outdoors, he wants to enjoy his ideal lifestyle, where he can feel a little nature in the garden and still easily go out to the city center.

“It’s so quiet that I forget that I’m in Tokyo, and I feel like I’m in the countryside. I’m drinking coffee in the garden and feeling like bliss.”


A fashionable space full of ideas that matches your hobbies and tastes.

It has a quaint appearance as it was built 50 years old, and has a nostalgic atmosphere just like a family home. “When I was looking inside, I was first attracted to the blue-gray appearance. After that, I also chose a gray Land Cruiser to match the house (laughs),”,the landlord’s petite-formed exterior wall also appealed to Mr Yamada and the final deciding factor for moving in was that it matched his hobbies and tastes. It seems that his wife usually parks her JA11 Jimny in front of the house.

Mr. Yamada, who has been a DJ and loves music. Audio components are set in the living room along with a record player. “I bought it because I wanted to listen to the records I used to play.”

Work tools, are stored separately by category outdoors. “When I put three Cainz stack containers, it was a perfect fit for the closet.”

The vintage sewing machine stand was purchased at a recycling shop in Nogata and is lined with tools, tackles, and landing nets that are used when making fly fishing flies (hair needles), which is one of Mr. Yamada’s hobbies. “The joy of fishing with a handmade fly is incredible. When you start making it, you forget the passing of time and immerse yourself in it.”

One of his wife’s hobbies, a variety of plants are placed in the garden.



・ Area: Nerima-ku, Tokyo

・ Floor plan: 2LDK

・ Housing form: Detached house

・ Years of residence: one and a half years

・ Age: Approximately 50 years