Nonnative releases collaboration fragrance with “retaW”! Two items that let you experience the nature of the Southern Hemisphere.

2 years ago

“Nonnative” aims to create clothing and items that are great for the outdoor scene with the mantra of “tools” for projecting life, has collaborated with “retaW”, who propose a lifestyle wrapped in aroma to create a new fragrance.

There are two items available, a room spray and a car tag that encapsulate the original fragrance of New Zealand’s vast nature which is located in the southern hemisphere.


By adding a slightly bitter and earthy accent such as neroli and patchouli to the refreshing and sweet scent, they have created a mature yet refreshing fragrance. Car tags are an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and being able to enjoy the scent of nature even while in a car, will help keep you refreshed during your trips to and from the great outdoors.


Next up is a room spray that allows you to enjoy the original fragrance in your living room or study. The design of the package is centered around the image of “earth” which is also reminiscent of the scent and along with the elegant beige coloring it appealing to all the senses.

The fragrance from RetaW expresses the vast and natural world of New Zealand through its original scent, which is in keeping with Nonnatives theme for this season. The packaging is also fashionable so why don’t you try changing your car or home into a more comfortable and fulfilling space.