A maintenance-free Bonsai: The “Dry Bonsai” that does not require pruning or watering?

1 year ago

As time spent at home time increases, it is becoming even more popular to incorporate plants as part of your interior design. Even in such an unprecedented boom in home plants, the Bonsai has a high hurdle to overcome and is hard to come by. Bonsai is difficult to maintain and difficult for beginners to handle, but we have discovered a “maintenance-free” bonsai that combats that image! Its name is the “Dry Bonsai”. But what exactly is this easy to care for dry bonsai?

At the outdoor expo “TOKYO OUTDOOR SHOW 2022” held at Makuhari Messe from January 14, 2022, the “Dry Bonsai” booth attracted a lot of attention thanks to its colorful and artistic appearance.

The dry bonsai is also called the “withered bonsai”, and unlike natural bonsai, it is a new style of bonsai that does not require any maintenance such as pruning branches, watering, or changing pots.

Bonsai trees that had grown over many years but died after have been recovered. Dry and preserved leaves were added, and the leaves were boldly colored to make pots, vessels, stands, etc., and thus it is reborn as a new bonsai.

While taking advantage of the old wood feel of the bonsai, the bark of the trunk, and the beauty of nature, the leaves can be made blue, changing it from the image of a natural bonsai, but rather a completed work of art. It is said that it will likely to become popular overseas as well.

It’s a dead tree, so it doesn’t require any watering or sunlight. Since it never grows, it keeps its ideal shape. Of course, there is also no need for pruning. You don’t even need soil, so you can enjoy the wild appearance by exposing the roots.

The “Dry Bonsai” is perfect for interior decoration because you can place it anywhere you like in the room without worrying about the temperature and sunlight. This is a great way to bring the outdoors home with you in a stylish manner that doesn’t require any real care or attention.

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